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Streem requires a strong broadband connection to the internet. If your customer has signs of a slow connection, you can help them check on it by walking them through these steps:


Check the speed of your internet connection:

    1. End any ongoing Streem calls and go to fast.com (a free third-party service, unaffiliated with Streem.) Wait for the automatic test to run its course.

    2. When the screen updates, click Show more info

Streem has been tested at upload speeds as low as 1.5 Mbps, but if the listed Upload Speed is less than 5 Mbps, your connection might be too slow to use Streem at its highest quality. 


Improve your connection speed:

    1. If possible, try connecting to Wi-Fi or switching Wi-Fi networks. If your Wi-Fi connection is slow in this location and your device has a mobile data connection, disabling Wi-Fi might help.

    2. Close any other apps that might be using the same internet connection. If you're connecting through a Wi-Fi network, you might need to close applications running on other devices or computers.

If your customer has tried everything above and the problem still persists, please take down the model name/number of your customer’s device (e.g., iPhone 12 Mini or Galaxy S21 Ultra) and then reach out to our support team for help.



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