Using the Network Connection Indicator on Streem Calls

Streem can automatically detect your customer's network strength while on a Streem call. The signal is scored on a scale to 5, with 5 being the best and 0 being disconnected. Calls should still work as network strength gets weaker, but the performance will be degraded. As the expert, you can see this score while on a Streem call by opening the Details tray on the left side of your screen.
Watch the video below or continue reading for more information about how it is calculated.
Note : For Network troubleshooting tips, please see the article here

Good Network Strength

An excellent network strength score will show you exactly that. You will not be able to click on the three dots to see more as the strength is as good as it can get. Calls should be functioning normally.
View of Streem as an Expert viewing a customer's bad network connection strength

Bad Network Strength

If your customer's network connection begins to drop in quality, the network indicator will change to indicate this and the three dot menu to the right will become clickable. If you click the dots, you'll be presented with more information as well as troubleshooting tips:

If you're still able to talk with your customer, have them try some of those tips or send them a link to the 'more recommendations' tab.

No Connection

If your customer loses connection on a Streem call, Streem will surface this information. If a customer loses connection on a call, it can take a little bit of time to reconnect. You will see a black screen and the warning so that you're aware of your customer's situation:

How The Connection Score is Calculated

The network score is provided to Streem through our video provider partner, Twilio. We check the status every few seconds and relay the information to the expert for awareness. Network connection can change rapidly depending on your environment.

A 0 score indicates there is no network connection at all, or your customer is switching networks. A Streem Call can run on a network score as low as 1, but performs better the higher the score goes.

Note: It takes a few seconds at the beginning of each call to determine the connection strength. Until then, the indicator will be greyed out.

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