What are the Device and Browser Requirements to Use Streem?

In order to operate Streem Calls Successfully, ensure both Expert and customer devices meet the below requirements. Jump to a section below:

Customer Device Requirements

Customers on the other end of your call must be on a mobile device (no laptops or desktop computers) and meet the compatibility requirements. No app downloads are required to use Streem's core services. Streem works best on the most updated devices.

The compatibility requirements for your customer to connect with you on a Streem call are as follows:

  • Devices: Streem supports iPhones and the latest three models of both Google Pixels and Samsung S series phones (the most common). Most Android devices will work, but possibly with limited capacity.
  • Operating Systems: Supported devices must be on the most recent two versions of their operating systems. For iPhones, this is iOS 15 and above, and Android it is Android 12 and above.
  • Browsers: iPhones work best using Safari browser, Android phones work best using Google Chrome.

Devices outside these ranges are supported on a "best effort" basis.

Expert Device Requirements

Note: Mobile device browsers will not work as an Expert using Streem. Experts should only make calls from their laptop or desktop computer.

The compatibility requirements for you to connect to your customer on a Streem call are as follows:

  • Devices: Any relatively modern laptop or desktop computer running Windows or MacOS operating systems.
  • Supported Browsers: Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser for Streem. Safari as well as any browser running on 'Chromium' (including Microsoft Edge, Brave, and more) will also work.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution:1100px width x 800px height

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