Using Streem's Tools During a Call

The core Streem experience begins with two-way audio and one-way or two-way video. We offer a suite of additional tools you can use during any Streem Video Call to enhance the experience and improve your ability to troubleshoot with your customers. This article explains how to use them. Jump to a section below:


StreemShots  allow you to capture what your customer is seeing on their own device at that moment. Simply click the camera button at the bottom-center of your screen, and a picture will be taken from your customer's video feed.

There's no limit to how many can be taken during a call, and each StreemShot will contain a timestamp which will jump to that point in the video when clicked. Experts may also add notes to each picture, and all StreemShots can be reviewed both during (by opening your details tray on the left) and after the call.

After your call ends, you can click any StreemShot you took during your call to open, view, and edit it. To learn more about how to use this tool, click here.

Note: A weak network connection may prevent a StreemShot  from taking successfully. 

Laser Pointer

Laser Pointer allows you to show your customer where to look or take action. To use it, first push the laser pointer button at the bottom of your screen, then click on the video where you want to show the laser. Your customer will see the red dot on their side and know exactly where to go next.


You can use the marker tool on the screen to outline areas or indicate movements. Lines fade away a few seconds after you stop drawing, to prevent clutter. Use the Marker similarly to the Laser. Press the marker button at the bottom of your screen, then draw on the screen to create your marker lines.


You can use the bookmark tool to mark an important moment in the video you may want to come back to. Simply click on the bookmark button to add one. After a call, you can use these to jump to certain points in the video and review, or add notes after the fact. Learn more about Bookmarks here.

Device Selector

It's important as the expert on a call to ensure your microphone and speakers are working. If you're ever having trouble hearing your customer or if they're having trouble hearing you, click the up arrow next to the microphone icon to review your devices and ensure the proper ones are selected for your call.

Note: This works for expert cameras as well if your company uses Two-way video.

Request Your Customer's GPS Location

Click the Map Pin icon in order to request your Customer's GPS location. This will trigger a prompt to your customer, asking them to approve the request. If they accept, the location will be determined via their phone, and saved to the call details page. Your customer can always deny a request, and you can request multiple times.

While on a call with a customer, you can create a link to share directly with them in order for your customer to review details of your call either live or after the call. You can do this by clicking the share icon in the top left corner of the call next to your customer's name, and then copy the link.

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