How to Ensure your Streem Call is Successful

Streem is designed to be flexible and functional in as many environments as possible, and calls succeed a large majority of the time. That said, if something isn't working right, troubleshooting in the moment can be tough. It helps to know the general basics to look out for on any given call.

If you're able, we suggest asking customers their device setup before beginning a call in order to give any potentially relevant advice before the call starts. 

Troubleshooting Calls with Customers

Questions to ask your customers while on a call if something isn't working.

What type of device are you using, and is it up to date?

You can check the device requirements for a Streem call here.

Are you on Data or WiFi?

  • Strong network connection is imperative for a high quality call. Moving about a property/house will cause varied connection strength, potentially affecting audio and/or video quality.
  • If a customer will be starting inside but moving outside, have them start on data (losing WiFi as they leave can interrupt the connection).
  • Spend minimal time in enclosed areas (closets, attics, garages, etc.)

Do you have headphones?

If the end user says they can’t hear you, try to have them put headphones in. This also helps if you hear echo as the expert.

Are you in private-browsing or incognito mode?

Streem does not work in these modes, we can only connect calls in regular browsing mode. 

Things to note as an Expert before a call

  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser, regardless of computer make and model.
  • There is an iPhone app to make calls from as well, which may serve as a workaround if the desktop option is not working. No Android app at this time.
  • Calls from a mobile browser will not work. Only a desktop browser or mobile app will be successful.
  • Headphones without a microphone, passive microphones, or bluetooth speakers may cause a customer not to hear you as the expert. Unplug or use headsets with an active microphone to attempt to fix this.
  • If SMS invitations are not sending or delivering, try the “link and code” option, which allows you to copy a link to send to your customer manually using your own device or email address.
  • Go to the Streem Status page to confirm everything is up and running with Streem.

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