Using Bookmarks During and After a Streem Call

The bookmark tool allows you to mark key moments and details during a Streem video call without interruption. You may revisit those key events in the recorded video post-call for quicker and easier review. You can also find key moments in a video by clicking the timestamp on a StreemShot® photo — but bookmarks are quicker to create, and they’re invisible to your customer.

How to Create and Use Bookmarks

To start, simply click the bookmark icon in the tool tray at the bottom of your call to mark that point in the video. The bookmark can be titled or deleted in the lefthand menu, and the call will continue from there:

You can also add bookmarks after a call while rewatching the video and clicking 'Add Bookmark' as seen below:

After the call, clicking a bookmark will jump you to that exact point in the video to rewatch from there:

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