Expert Streem Call Preparation and Messaging

For the best experience on a Streem call, it's best to ensure your customer is prepared to the call. You can visit this guide to find device specific requirements. Jump to a section below:

How to Introduce Streem to Your Customers

Once you have confirmed the customer is available to do a Streem Call, recommending a call to your customer may sound something like this:

“I'd like to use a tool that utilizes video streaming via the camera on your smartphone. This will allow me to see what you’re seeing to better assist you. It's very simple to use.

I'm sending you a link via text message. Just click on it, agree to the terms and conditions and you'll activate a Streem call with me."

Pre Streem Call Availability

There are a few things to confirm with your customer before starting a Streem call:

  • Safety first! Please remind the customer to be aware of their environment and look away from their smartphone when they are walking. 
  • Confirm the customer is able to access the product and/or space the Streem call will be addressing. Customers may not be home or someone in their household may be utilizing the space.
  • Verify that the customer is/will be using a smartphone or tablet and recommend they connect to wifi. Please note that smartphone audio and video settings are key to a seamless experience. 

Alternative Language Suggestions

Streem is a new tool that can be difficult to explain to a customer.  Below are some common mistakes made when describing Streem and what to say instead:

AVOID: I need access to your smartphone, camera, and data

SAY: I will send you an invitation to a Streem call.

AVOID: I can/need to see your home

USE: Seeing your product will allow me to better assist you

AVOID: Facetime, Whatsapp, or Zoom Call

USE: Virtual service tool or video streaming service

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