Troubleshooting Streem Call Invitation Issues

This article serves to help experts troubleshoot issues with invitations to Streem calls. To learn how to invite your customers to a call, see this article instead. Jump to a specific section below:

Customer Doesn't Receive Invite

If your customer doesn't receive your invitation, check these things:

Is the phone number accurate?

It's easy to forget the most simple step, so just double-check you have the right information!

Is the device capable of receiving SMS messages?

Landlines (such as house or business phones) can not accept invitations to Streem Calls. You must send an invitation to a mobile cellular device.

Is the link expired?

SMS Invitations are valid for 60 minutes once created, and can only be used once. If your customer tries clicking their invitation after that period or after a call ends, they will get an error.  You will need to send a new invitation to connect.

Is your customer's number restricted?

Some phone numbers are restricted and blocked, preventing our message from going through. An error will pop up in this case.

Is it specific to one cellular network? 

If none of those apply, then usually you are facing a temporary cellular network issue. Streem can't control those outages (the carriers do – think Verizon, T-mobile, etc.), but we will alert you in these scenarios. Use the workaround below.

Invite Not Sending From Expert

If the invitation doesn't appear to be sending, there may be an issue with Streem. Try logging out, clearing your cache and cookies, and logging back in. If this doesn't fix it, contact

If you're unable to get past any of these issues, you can choose the "Link & Code" option (next to Send SMS) instead. This still allows you to enter the Name and Reference ID, and then click "Create Link", which generates an invitation link:

Experts can then copy the link and send it to their customer via their work email or however they prefer. The customer will follow the same process as SMS Invitations once they receive the link.

Trouble Answering the Call

If the invitation makes it to your customer, but you're struggling to connect the call, check the following items.

Is your Streem working Session still active?

Your session will expire after a certain period of time. It is best to log out of Streem and close your browser at the end of each working day to start a new session. If a call is ringing but you can't answer it, try logging out of Streem and back in, then sending a new invitation to your customer.

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