How to Invite Your Customer to a Streem Call

This article is intended to provide an overview of the ways an Expert may invite a Customer to a Streem Call. Jump to a section below:

Sending an SMS Invitation

An SMS invitation is the primary method for inviting a customer to a Streem Call. Experts may simply enter the customer's name, a reference ID or number (if using), and their mobile phone number, then click Invite. This will send a text message to the customer with a link to begin the call from their side. See below:

Note: SMS invitations must be sent to a mobile phone number with cellular service. If SMS invitations aren't working at any given time, try one of the other two invitation methods below.

If an expert prefers to send the invitation themselves, they can choose the "Link & Code" option (next to Send SMS) instead. This still allows experts to enter the Name and Reference ID, and then they just need to click "Create Link", which generates an invitation link:

Experts can then copy the link and send it to their customer via their work email or however they prefer. The customer will follow the same process as SMS Invitations once they receive the link.

Code and Invite Landing Page

Experts can follow the same process to create a Code as they do a Link. Once an Expert has the code, the customer will need to go to your company's Invite Landing Page URL, which is [yourcompanycode]

Share the 9-digit code over the phone, email, or however is preferred. Once the customer enters the code, they can begin the call as usual.

The Invite Landing Page can only be accessed on Mobile devices and looks like this:

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