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If you’re using Streem in conjunction with a calling software (such as Avaya, Mitel systems, or Amazon Connect), you may experience an echo while on a call. This generally happens because of the way these systems (Streem & your call software) interact with your customers’ mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc.). 


Most often, this echo can be eliminated by the agent/expert muting Streem in their desktop web browser seen below: 


If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you might also want to ask your customer to mute Streem within their browser on their mobile device. 


By muting your web browser, you will be able to continue using your call software to talk to your customer while continuing to leverage Streem’s video capabilities to assess and resolve your customers’ issues. 


As a note: Please be advised that muting Streem will cause the audio track to not come through in the recording. It’s possible to incorporate the audio and video tracks in the same file via Streem’s API. Please view our developer documentation here and reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about this capability. 



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