Watch the video below to learn how to add configure and customize your Streem workspace(s). Written information is provided below the video as well. Note: Only workspace Owners and Admins can do this.





Company Name

The company name added here will display on all invitations to customers. It can be edited at any time.


When the GPS setting is enabled, Team Members will have the ability to request the GPS location of the customer.

Anonymous Share

When the Anonymous Share setting is enabled, anyone with the share link can access/view the Streem call recording. Links include personal customer information and might be covered by data privacy regulations.

This is commonly used to share calls with other employees of your company, or if you needed to share a call to Streem Support


To give your customers a custom-branded experience, you'll need two versions of your logo in PNG format.

Company Logo Large

Displayed before and after calls, over a light background.
Frame size: 1024 x 512px


Company Watermark

Displayed during calls, overlaying the live video feed at 50% opacity (background color varies).
Frame size: 768px x 256px


Final Redirect URL

Customize where your customer is sent after a Streem call has ended. Usually this would be your company's landing page.


When Streem displays your logo and watermark, it scales them proportionately to fit within the frame sizes listed above. Small images might appear blurry. We recommend submitting logo files large enough to fill their frames, and with minimal padding.



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