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Customers can initially have concerns about virtual visits. Below are the most common questions the end customer may ask about Streem and the suggested way to answer those questions to make your customer comfortable and confident with the Streem experience. 


Q: “What is required of me?”

A: “You will be asked to accept simple Terms & Conditions on your smartphone or device and I will guide you with clear, simple instructions throughout the process. The virtual service will require you to be able to access the space/product and hold your smartphone camera so that I can see that space/product.”


Q: “How long will this take?”

A: “We’ll capture video of your product and the surrounding area. The full time of the call can vary depending on the circumstances of the product however, a little more time spent up front ensures accuracy and time saved in the overall process. Most calls take an average of 5-10 minutes to complete. 


Q: “Will this replace an in-person visit?”

A: “This virtual service is the first step in our process. It will allow me to capture details needed to ensure that we are best prepared if/when it comes to an in-person visit.”*

*If the Streem call is intended to solely provide a service or resolve an issue without an in-person visit to the customer, be clear up front about that process with your customer. 


Q: “What data/details will you be storing?”

A: “Only your name, phone #, and a short video clip is stored. Any additional details such as still photos or your address will require your expressed permission during the call. This information will never be shared with anyone outside of the video service provider and INSERT COMPANY NAME.”


Q: “What access will you have on my phone?”

A: “Only the camera and microphone will be used. We won’t be accessing anything else on your phone.”


Q: “Do I need to download an app?”

A: “No, the link I send will open the mobile browser on your smartphone. No app needed.”


Q: “Will my face be on camera?”

A: “Only your rear-facing camera will be used so your face will not be seen or recorded.”



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