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Streem records the audio and video of every outbound call, with a few exceptions:

  • Your organization might have opted out of all recordings.
  • OnSite sessions are not recorded by default.

Otherwise, when you view a completed call you'll see a video recording near the top of the page — or else you'll see a placeholder like this: 


The placeholder usually stays around for a few minutes before the video recording becomes playable. During most of this time, the video isn't actually loading — it's being processed by Streem to make it ready for playback. Once the processing is done, the video will load in a few seconds.



If it takes more than fifteen minutes for a call recording to become playable, please copy the share link from your call — available from the top-right corner of the Call Details page...


...and include it in a message to our support team. We should be able to help!



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