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If you can't hear your customer but they can hear you, please try the following things:

  • Microphone Permissions
    • The number one reason an expert can't hear their customer is a lack of permission. Ensure your customer has approved Streem's request for permission to access their microphone via their web browser. These can be investigated in browser privacy settings as well as the phone's general settings by the customer.
  • Audio Already in Use/On a Phone Call
    • Streem tries to capture the microphone if it's already in use by another app, but the quality is best if only one app has the access at a time. This may mean asking your customer to close other apps. Additionally, end any phone calls you're on priorto your customer starting the Streem call for ease.
  • Headset/Headphones
    • If you're using a headset, make sure it is connected to the computer audio and not to another device such as your personal phone.

Additional Troubleshooting:

  • Streem AR Video iOS/Android app
    • If your customer is on an iPhone or Android phone, they can download Streem's app and see if that works better than their mobile browser. The apps function a little differently and sometimes can solve the issue. No login is required.



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