There's a new view for the Streem desktop experience. This launch is the culmination of a year of updates based on feedback from users like you, our product roadmap, and our UX research process. 


Please note: This update only impacts the desktop expert experience, and no changes have been made to the customer view on any platform.


What changed?

  • Dashboard navigation — Access Streem tools and workflows, faster than ever.
  • Customize your profile — Experts can add photos and edit their user name.
  • Updated invitations — Refined designs make it easier to connect with remote customers with SMS or with a shareable link.
  • Streem call tools — We've made your favorite tools more accessible during a Streem call and added tools to sort and view your call logs. 
  • Admin features — Account administrators have new abilities to manage their team and review call logs.  




What’s new:

The navigation bar has been re-designed to collapse on the left side of the screen giving you a larger view while using your Streem expert view. Use it to navigate the functions of Streem and it is always available to quickly start an invitation to a Streem call.


Explore these features:

  1. Expand/close navigation
  2. Quick overview of app 
  3. Contact help -
  4. Edit profile


My Profile 


Click on your profile icon in the navigation  to change your profile image, edit your display name, or log out of Streem.




The invitation button is your starting point for making a Streem call, use it to send an SMS invitation or create a link or invitation code you can share directly with your customer to start a call. 


Send Invitations Via

  1. SMS Text
  2. Copy & Paste Link - For email, chat, and unique codes

In-Call Interface and Tools


This is the view an Expert sees when they are conducting a Streem call, it allows you to annotate on your customer’s screen, take StreemShot photos, request your customer’s location and take notes while seeing what your customer sees.



Call Log 


What’s new:

  • Administrators now have the ability to see an aggregated call log of all of their Team Member’s calls in one place. They also have the ability to filter by name or reference ID.

Streem Calls (Call Log)


The Call Log (Streem Calls) is where you can see all of your calls at a glance with some helpful details about each call and the ability to filter by Name or Reference ID. Clicking on a call will take you into the Call Details screen.

  1. Customer details
    1. Name
    2. Invitation Method
    3. Reference
  2. Location (if location was requested)
  3. Call duration
  4. Call date

Streem Call Detail & StreemShot view


Review the details and assets from a specific call, including: your video, StreemShot photos, notes and location information.

  1. Call info 
    1. Customer name
    2. Reference
    3. Invitation method
    4. Expert name
    5. Call time
    6. Call duration
    7. Share link (anonymous vs. authenticated)
  2. Location
  3. Call notes: add/edit
  4. Model & serial number (OCR text recognition)
  5. Call video
    1. Download video
  6. Select and download StreemShot photos
  7. StreemShot View
    1. Edit StreemShot notes
    2. Share link


Administer Team Members 


What’s New:

  • The Admin role is entirely new to Streem, we wanted to empower managers & leads to manage their own teams. 

Admins can add new team members and manage their teams information

  1. Add & Edit Team Members
  2. Edit name, email address, profile photo
  3. Deactivate/Reactivate
  4. Sort by Name or Status


Admin Settings 


What’s New:

  1. Admins can now configure their own company settings, including adding users and customizing their Streem experience to meet their needs.

Account settings available to Streem Administrators

  1. Change company name – Edits displayed company name, does not edit company code
  2. Disable GPS requesting feature for agents
  3. Enable anonymous share (open links)



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