Streem Expert View on desktop computers

Recommended browser: Google Chrome (v64+)

Also supported: Safari (v11+); Firefox (v58+)

Lowest Supported Resolution: 1100px width x 800px height


Streem Expert View on Mobile Web Browsers - this experience is not supported.


Streem Expert View on downloadable mobile apps: iOS Streem Expert app (for mobile Apple devices only, search "Streem interactive video" in App Store to quickly locate). Android Streem Expert app coming soon!


For your customer's browser and device options, see What browsers, devices, and apps can customers use? 



If you try to use Streem from an unsupported browser, you might get one of the following error messages:

Browser Not Supported
This browser is not currently supported by Streem. Please try again using the Safari browser.

Video is not supported
It looks like your browser does not support WebRTC which is required to use video. Please open your invite link in another browser.

In some cases, Streem might work on an unsupported browser or operating system. If something goes wrong,  though, Streem Support will recommend switching to a supported browser and operating system before trying other steps.



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