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Streem takes your data security and privacy seriously. Streem is compliant under data privacy laws like CCPA & GDPR and we have the appropriate processes in place to field data removal requests. 

Please review our Privacy Policy for the full details. All personal data requests should be sent to support@streem.com

Streem respects customer privacy and we always ask for permissions before recording.

Each Streem session with a customer requires three (3) opt-in actions.

  • First the customer schedules the session with an agent. 
  • Second the homeowner accepts the Streem and clicks to accept the terms and conditions. 
  • Third the customer initiates the Streem call to the agent. 


Streem Partner Terms and Conditions

For Partners using Streem in existing products, we recommend you consult with your legal team to update terms and conditions, as needed, for your existing customers and contracts.

Contact us to learn more about custom T&Cs for your Streem instance. You can review our general Terms and Conditions here.



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