It’s easy to get started with Streem. Every enhanced video chat starts with a simple invitation. You can use SMS(Text), email, or a unique code.   Simply click on the invitation you want to send, enter the key details and click the button to (Generate Email, Generate a Code, or to send an SMS invitation). Read more about the three ways to send a Streem call invite. 

Some customers schedule a Streem chat ahead of time and some call centers can switch to a video chat in the middle of a phone call. Either way, you need to send your customers an invitation to begin remote support with Streem. 


Watch the video walkthrough

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First. Log-in to your Streem account*.  Please check the Welcome email for your company's unique URL.

Then use the form at the top of your expert portal to invite your customer. 

Fill out the name, phone number, and reference** fields and then click Send Invite to text a link to your customer. When your customer accepts permissions to record the secure video call, you will be automatically connected—using two-way audio and one-way video and our interactive 3D tools.

Using Laser Pointer and EasyDraw helps you to identify, document, and resolve your customer’s requests faster and more completely—the first time.

*If you need a Streem account, please contact us. Request a live demo at .

**Use the reference field to be whatever you use to track jobs or support tickets in your customer management systems.



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