No app downloads are required to use Streem's core services. You can use Streem directly on your mobile browser, provided your browser and operating system are supported.


Supported operating systems and browsers: 

iOS (v13+)* with Safari (v13+) or iOS (14.3+) with Google Chrome

Android (v10+)* with Google Chrome (v81+)


Customers can also download the Streem app from either the App Store (for Apple devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices). This is an excellent alternative for customers who are having mobile browser issues. 

Supported downloadable mobile apps (search "Streem interactive video" to quickly find these): 
iOS Streem customer app 
Android Streem customer app


*iPads and Android tablets are compatible with Streem but cannot receive SMS messages. Use the Copy & Paste Link option when creating your invite to send it via email or another method.



If you try to use Streem from an unsupported browser, you might get one of the following error messages:

Browser Not Supported
This browser is not currently supported by Streem. Please try again using the Safari browser.

Video is not supported
It looks like your browser does not support WebRTC which is required to use video. Please open your invite link in another browser.

In some cases, Streem might work on an unsupported browser or operating system. If something goes wrong,  though, Streem Support will recommend switching to a supported browser and operating system before trying other steps.



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