Using Streem Reports

Streem Reports allows company admins to easily and efficiently review data from their team's overall use of Streem, right within the product. Jump to a section by clicking a link below:

Streem Reports Overview

Streem Reports is a reporting solution designed for Streem Admin users. Through the "Reports" sidebar component, admin users have self-serve access to usage data for analysis and optimization. Admins can now get on-demand insights and make proactive, informed decisions to enhance team performance.

The report includes both trend data for the whole team as well as individual metrics for each user. The full data as well as the individual charts can be exported as PDF or CSV format for further analysis.

Getting Started

To get started, click "Reports" on the lefthand menu to load your dashboard containing metrics surrounding your team's use of Streem. By default, the dashboard is set to our whole team with a time filter of 4 weeks.

At the top of the Report page, there will be Total Call Volume as well as Average Call Length for your team. These are overall trends for your company's use of Streem:

Towards the bottom, you'll get details about each active user from your team and how they use Streem on their calls including average call length and how often they use some of the in-call tools:

The data is provided by Streem via a third-party service (Looker). The data is refreshed every two hours by our system. In order to get more value from the reports, continue reading to learn how to customize and review the data.

Note: If you aren't a company admin but want to review this data, please speak to your own company admin to ask for access.

How to Use Streem Reports

There are a few things you can do to enhance your usage and understanding of how Streem works for your team even better.

Time Range Filter: The default time filter is set to 4 weeks. This can be adjusted as desired to see more or less data. Click the box below 'Time Range' to set a new time range and change the data visualization. You can go as specific as one day or as broad as years. Once you choose a filter, click the update button in the upper right corner of the dashboard to produce your new results:

Group Name Filter: The default is none, but if you want to learn how to leverage Groups with your team to improve your Streem usage, contact your Customer Success Manager. This is great for companies with multiple teams using Streem.

Filters will be refreshed to default values by reloading the page or clicking the 'reset filters' button.

Zoom/Mouseover on Line Charts: On the line charts, you can quickly see more detailed information. Hovering over each data point will reveal more information about it. You can also click and drag to zoom into a smaller portion of the specific line chart:

To reset the Zoom, just click 'Reset Zoom.'

View Graph in Expanded View:

Hover over an individual visualization and click the three dot menu in the upper right corner of it. Then click view, then expanded which will show the visualization in the center of the dashboard, larger and taking up more screen real estate.

Downloading Full Report: Click the 3 dot menu in the top-right corner of the dashboard to download the full report. You'll be able to download as either a .CSV or a .PDF with a few options:

Choose PDF for an easy view of the data, or .CSV if you want to put the data into your own system for analysis.

Note: For downloading data outside of the default 4 week timeline, choose .CSV format. PDF format will only include the default data at this time.

Download One Part of Report: If you only want to download the data from one part of the chart (example: Just the data from the Total Calls per Week chart), you can hover over the upper-right corner of that tile to get the option:

You'll have additional options as well for download formatting when downloading just one tile's worth of data:

Change sort order: On per-user stats in the chart at the bottom, you can click the bidirectional arrows to sort those columns by ascending or descending order. Hover over the title of a column to shoe the arrows, then click it once for ascending order and a second time for descending order:

Metric Definitions from the Reports

The data included in Streem Reports is defined below.

Total Call Volume: This metric is the total number of Streem calls your team conducted in the designated time range. This metric can be used to help adjust for times of higher volume, and track overall usage/adoption of Streem.

Average Call Length: This metric is the average length of all your team's Streem calls within the designated time range. This metric can be used to track how much time your team is taking to resolve your customer's requests, on average.

Active Users: Total number of users who performed any action in Streem in the time range filter, including logging in.

Streem Call Users: Total number of users who conducted at least one Streem call in a given period.

Average Calls Per User: Total number of users who conducted at least one Streem call in a given period.

StreemShots® Per Call: Average number of StreemShot® photos taken per call.

Calls Using Notes: Percentage of Streem calls with a Note added.

Calls Using a Share Link: Percentage of Streem calls with a Share Link created.

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