How to use Streem in Salesforce Apps

Streem’s Salesforce integration allows users to start a call from Streem’s Lightning App or a Salesforce Record Page using the Sales and Service Apps. If you haven't implemented Streem into your Salesforce yet, please see this article first here. Jump to a section below:


As part of initial configuration and set up, experts can start a Streem call on a Case, Lead, and/or Contact in the Sales / Service app or the Streem app, depending on how the admin configured the integration.

The admin can configure this to power the Streem integration through two ways. First is via the “Start Streem Call” button which opens a Salesforce tab with an iframe of Streem:

The second is as button in an internal tab with an iframe of Streem in the same page record:

Starting a Streem Call from a Record Page (Case, Contact or Lead)

Navigate to the App Launcher and search for the Streem App, Service App or Sales.

Streem Custom Components can be added to a Record Layouts to start a Streem Call right from a Case, Contact or Lead in either the Sales and/or Service App.

Streem Calls can also always be initiated from the Streem app. You’ll need access to the Contact, Case and/or Lead in Salesforce you want to create a Streem call from.

Example searching for Streem in Salesforce App Navigator

From the Streem App

  • Streem call functionality can be added to Lead, Contacts and/or Cases in Salesforce
  • Navigate to Lead, Contact or Case and start a call from the Streem Tab or the Streem Button.

From the Service or Sales App

For the Service App, navigate to default records: Contacts and/or Cases

For the Sales App, Navigate to the default Record Pages(Leads, Contacts and Cases) to start a Call

View of Service App Homepage

Starting a Call via the Start Streem Call button

  1. Open page record from a Contact, Lead or Case in the Sales, Service or Streem App
  2. Click the Start Streem Call button

  1. This starts a new Streem Call in a new Salesforce tab in the Sales, Service or Streem App

Starting a Streem Call from “Start Streem Call” as an internal tab

  1. Open page record from a Contact, Lead or Case in the Sales, Service or Streem App
  2. Click on the “Start Streem Call” tab

  3. This starts a new Streem Call in your tab.

Note: When using the Streem Call embedded tab, saving edits made to components in Salesforce surrounding the Streem iframe (like edits to the Details section in the screenshot above) will cause the Streem iframe call to reset and drop the call. Please do not make edits to other Salesforce components after inviting a customer.

All notes you take on the Streem call itself, or on Streemshots during your Streem call will be seamlessly integrated back into Salesforce post-call where they can be edited in Salesforce.

Name, Reference and Phone Number

The Name, Reference and Phone Number fields will be automatically filled out for you with the Name of your Salesforce Contact, Lead or Contact associated with the Case, their ID from Salesforce, and their mobile number.

  • If there is no ‘mobile’ number entered in Salesforce for the Contact, Lead or Contact associated with the Case, ‘phone’ will be used instead as a fallback. If there is no ‘mobile’ or ‘phone’ number, ‘home phone’ will be used.
  • For Leads: The name of the Lead is used
  • For Cases: The name of the associated Contact is used (When initiating a Streem call from a Case, a corresponding Contact is required to be associated to that case with a name and phone number)
  • For Contact: The name of the Contact is used
  • The “Reference” field can be edited if you’d like to provide more specific information about your call

Streem’s In-Call Tools

Streem provides users with tools gather key information during the call. Below is a brief overview, and you can learn more in the article here.

  • StreemShot™: Take a full-res photo embedded with depth and scale information, and our smart algorithm extracts key details automatically.

  • Call Notes: During the call you can add notes and review them after the call in the Call Details Page in Salesforce

  • Model and Serial Numbers: Streem uses OCR to detect Model and Serial Numbers during the call, which are visible on Streemshots in Salesforce in the Call Details page.
  • Video: A link to a full video of your session from Streem will be available in Salesforce after your call

Ending a Streem Call from any Parent Record

After you end a Streem call, there are three different potential redirects that will happen in Salesforce, depending on how your admin has configured the Streem app in Salesforce:

  1. Streem Call Record (Call Details page)
  2. Parent Record (Lead, Contact or Case)
  3. None (will keep you on your current view)

Streem Call Details

After the call, you can be redirected to the Streem Call Details page, which has information from your Streem call, integrated directly into Salesforce. See Streem Call Details and Streem Call Log (Link to article) for a full description of this feature!

Parent Record (Lead, Contact or Case)

After the call, you’ll be redirected to the parent record (the case, lead or contact) you created the Streem Call from.

Note: This applies to either options - Having Streem Component as a Salesforce Tab with iframe Streem or as an internal tab with iframe Streem.

None (will keep you on your current view)

With this option, no redirect will occur once you’ve completed a Streem call. If configured, a survey may appear. Afterwards, a “thank you” page will appear in the same iframe.

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