Getting Started with Streem's Salesforce Integration

To get started using Streem’s Salesforce, you’ll need to follow a few basic steps. This integration is powered by the Streem’s Salesforce application, which downloaded, installed and configured through Salesforce’s AppExchange.

What You Need to Get Started with Streem’s Salesforce Integration

  1. An Active Streem Account and License
  2. Streem API Key and Secret
  3. Install Streem's Salesforce app in the AppExchange
  4. Follow Configuration Guide
  5. Overview of Streem Call Configuration

Note: Streem should be used on Salesforce Lightning Experience. Salesforce Classic isn't supported.

An Active Streem Account and License

In order to use the Salesforce integration, you’ll need an active Streem account created, set up and licensed. Please work with your customer success manager to provision your Streem account. Only for US Customers.

See to get a demo.

Streem API Key and Secret

Once your Streem account is set up, you’ll need an API Key and Secret from Streem to enter into Salesforce. Please contact your Streem Customer Success Manager for API credentials. You can also find more supporting information here:

Install Streem's Salesforce app in the AppExchange

  1. Navigate to Streem's listing on the AppExchange here.
  2. Select the Installation Environment: Production or Sandbox
    • While you can choose to configure and connect Streem to your Production or Sandbox Salesforce environment, you will have to connect your production Streem account. Streem does not offer Sandbox accounts at this time.
  3. Accept Terms and Confirm Install
  4. Log into your Salesforce Account
  5. Assign Permissions
  6. Approve Third-Party Access

Follow Installation Guide

Please follow the Installation Guide for detailed instructions on how to configure the Streem Salesforce app inside of your Salesforce environment. You can find the pdf here.

Overview of Streem Call Configuration

As part of initial configuration and set up, users can start a Streem call on a Case Lead, and/or Contact in the Sales / Service app or the Streem app, depending on how the admin configured the integration.

The admin can configure to power the Streem integration through either the “Start Streem Call” button to open a Salesforce tab with an iframe of Streem, or as button in an internal tab with an iframe of Streem in the same page record.

Example of “Start Streem Call” as a Salesforce button:

Example of “Start Streem Call” as an internal tab:

Once the Streem Salesforce App is fully configured in Salesforce, you’re ready to use the integration!

Continue to learn about the features and functionality in How to use Streem in Salesforce Sales, Service and Streem Apps here.

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